• 70 pitchesXS
  • At the beach
  • Outdoor pool
  • Small and green campsite
Eco-friendly campsite
Swimming pool
2,5 km away from the centre of Tisno
All villas are seafront oriented with breath-taking sea view

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Campsite Olivia Green Camping, Dalmatia

Campsite info: OLIVIA GREEN CAMPING in Dalmatia.
Eco-lux camping resort is the perfect getaway for a relaxing holiday. Here you are feeling truly connected with nature. A swimming pool and good new infrastructure is waiting for you. Situated in the heart of Dalmatia and surrounded by a beautiful landscape.

The resort is on a gentle slope with a southwest view and only 2,5 km away from the centre of Tisno. Apart from pure luxury, beautiful nature you choose here also for sustainability. Green technologies such as clean energy from solar panels, highly advanced water purification systems and selective waste recycling. And the Sustanability mission doesn’t stop with this.Through composting organic waste, using eco-friendly cleaning supplies and sourcing locally produced foods, Here you strive towards leaving a minimal environmental impact during your holidays.

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