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Your privacy matters to us, for us it is a necessity that you can trust us to handle your data correctly. This document describes how we handle all our data and which cookies we process. would like to offer their services free of charge for our visitors, and as anonymous as possible. We will safeguard every bit of personal information you share with us. In this document we will describe how we do this, and with which reasons we collect this data. If, for some reason, you still have questions or concerns regarding your privacy or data on this website after reading this document, you can contact us using the contact information at the end of this document.

Registered Information

Without some information on our visitors, we would be unable to show you the vacations and campsites you would like to see. We would like to know which campsites are popular in which regions, and which aren’t. This saves our visitors time searching for their perfect holiday. To accomplish this, certain information on our visitors is needed.

If you make use of the free services of this website,, we do automatically save certain information. This can be; from which website you came, towards which website you leave from us, and which browser you use. We use this information to enhance your experience on our website. We use this information based upon legitimate interest, and normal use of our website. This information is gathered and processed by Google Analytics, and gets hosted in the USA. To make sure this data is safe and your privacy is secured, several steps have been taken. Firstly, all data is being grouped and cannot be traced back to a single user. We’ve entered into a Data Processing Amendment with Google, ensuring Google only stores and processes the data for us. Furthermore, the last 4 digits (octet) of your IP will be blocked before sending the data. Data is not being shared with Google, for advertising interests of third parties or Google themselves. Lastly, the user-id function of Google Analytics is turned off. Ensuring data across multiple sessions cannot be linked together. This way we can provide you the full benefits of the best fitting content on our site and improvements of our services, while respecting your privacy.

We are not interested in data on the identity of our visitors, we are however interested in the overall usage of our website. Like: how many visitors do we get at certain times, what are our peak times, and which pages get the most visitors?

Information of Third-Parties

The maintenance, hosting, information flow, and innovations on our website costs us a lot of time and money, and we are a commercial company. That’s why we have business agreements with every partner that is being promoted on our website. This is either via affiliate marketing (we get a small share of each booking made at our partners via us) or by a standard subscription. The affiliate partnerships can be facilitated by; TradeTracker, TradeDoubler, Daisycon, AWIN or Rakuten Advertising. Where applicable, processing agreements are also concluded with these partners.

From these partners we get data on sales via us and traffic directed towards them via us. This data can be combined with the grouped data we already have, to give a general idea of our visitors. This way, we can not only know which campsite pages get visited a lot, but also which campsites are indeed getting booked a lot. The data we get from these third parties has been anonymized and can thus not be linked to the grouped data, or visitors of our site. On basis of the combined data, we can offer our visitors better fitting global offers.


We use an array of cookies on our website. A cookie is a simple small text file that gets send to your browser when a page is loaded. This cookie is saved in your browser, and hard drive of your device. only places “functional cookies” and “analytical cookies”, these cookies enhance the user experience by remembering the pages you visited before and makes sure your own selected favorite campsites will be saved. You can turn these cookies off in your own browser, but this will limit the possibilities on our website.

The following functional cookies are being placed, without these cookies the website would not function optimal:

ASPSESSIONID – This cookie saves temporary information of your website visit, this ensures you do not need to fill out forms entirely again when making mistakes, or when you forget something. This cookie expires after every session.

Recent – This cookie is placed by us to keep track of the campsites you viewed lastly. This way we can show you your recently viewed campsites in case you would like to view them again. Without this cookie we cannot show you these. This cookie expires in 180 days.

Favorites – This cookie is placed so you can add campsites to your favorites, so you can view them again on a later date. This cookie will only be placed when you add a campsite to your favorites. This cookie expires in 180 days.

YouTube cookies (VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE, YSC, PREF) – These cookies ensure you can get all the info you want and will make sure you can view the YouTube videos of the campsites. Without these cookies you cannot view the campsite videos. These cookies will expire at the end of the session.

Google Maps cookies (NID, SNID) – These cookies ensure you can view the location of the campsites on each of our pages using Google Maps. This way you can perfectly pinpoint the exact location of the campsites. Without these cookies this function would not work. These cookies expire at the end of the session.

cookieconsent_status – This cookie gets placed when you read and OK the cookie statement, making sure this statement will no longer be shown. This cookie expires in 365 days.

The following analytical cookies are being placed by us:

_ga – This cookie is being placed to ensure our Google Analytics data flow works. Using this we can track which pages are being viewed, and we can identify the flows of different sessions on our website. It also tracks recurring visits. This cookiefile expires after 2 years.

_gid – This cookiefile is also being placed for Google Analytics, and has a similar function as _ga. Except it does not follow recurring visits. This cookie expires in 24 hours.

_gat – The last Google Analytics cookie. This ensures data throttle is limited towards the Google Analytics servers. This cookie expires in 10 minutes.

We do not ask permission for these cookies from Google Analytics, these cookies have been adjusted to make them privacy friendly way. The following steps have been undertaken to ensure these analytical cookies are privacy friendly; we signed a Data Processing Amendment with Google. Ensuring they only act as a data processor for the Google Analytics Data. Furthermore, no data is being shared with Google. Google does not have access to our Google Analytics data to use it for retargeting for example. The solely process the data and store it. The last 4 digits (octet) of your IP address get anonymized, this way we cannot trace it back to a single IP. And no user-id gets tagged to your sessions, this way we cannot track your activity over multiple sessions. We use only grouped analytics data, this way behavior cannot be redirected to single users.

If you still want to opt-out of these analytical cookies on all websites you visit, you can download and install the plugin from Google.

Using our website, it is possible that you press links that redirect you to our partners. If you do this, it is possible that a third party places cookies. These cookies register that you visit our partners via our website. And we can get attributed for sales our partners make (affiliation marketing). You can find more info on these cookies on the website of our partners.

We cannot delete your cookies, as they are saved on your own device. To delete these cookies yourself, please visit the following website for your current browser to read more about the steps to take:

  • Google Chrome:
  • Firefox:
  • Microsoft Edge:
  • Internet Explorer:


    We would love to clear up any questions, regarding privacy on this website, you still have. Please contact us using the details below. If you have serious concerns about your privacy on our website, and would like to fill in a complaint, you can contact the ICO.

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